Jini Reddy

About Me


I'm a journalist and author though, of course, those words don't tell the whole story!

I'm currently working on a new book, for Bloomsbury Books.  It's all about my journey to explore the magical in the landscape -  a subject that is very close to my heart. 

My first, Wild Times was published in 2016. It won the book prize at the British Guild of Travel Writers Awards 2017 and was a finalist at the Travel Media Awards 2017. Read more about the book here

I've also contributed to Winter, a best-selling anthology published by Elliott and Thompson. 

I've travelled widely, to over 60 countries and I've written features for national newspapers, magazines and digital media. Writing has been a way for me to explore, deepen, connect and follow my curiosity. You can see where my byline has appeared, below.  I started out in book publishing, on the editorial side, at Penguin Books and Macmillan Publishers (the latter in Hong Kong).

I've very occasionally given talks, including most recently as part of a panel at Kings College London, the Women's Adventure Expo in Bristol in 2018, and at the Nature Connections Festival in Derby, where I also co-judged a nature photography competition with animal rights activist and wildlife presenter Chris Packham. I've also led workshops on life writing in London.  Get in touch if you're looking for a speaker/workshop facilitator! 

 I was rather chuffed to  appear on the Spring 2018 cover of South West London's women and business-focused Darling magazine recently, with an accompanying feature on my work.  For more about the consultancy services i offer, and how we can work together, see here 

Who I have written features for:


The Guardian, Metro, Sunday Telegraph, Daily Telegraph, The Independent, Sunday Times Style, The Times,  Independent on Sunday, Positive News, The FT's How to Spend It (and FT Magazine),  Scotland on Sunday, The National, The Sunday and Daily Express, The Mail on Sunday.


Waterfront (for the Canal and River Trust), Country Living, Psychologies, Resurgence& Ecologist, Earthlines, Journeys, Conde Nast Traveller, EasyJet Traveller,  National Geographic Traveller , Coast, TIME,  Geographical, Wanderlust, BBC Wildlife, Time Out, Marie Claire, Harpers & Queen, BA High Life, Gulf Life, Square Meal, The Spectator, Good Housekeeping, Family Traveller, Cook Vegetarian, Natural Health, Kindred Spirit, Adventure Travel, Countryman

Digital media:

Littletoller.co.uk, adventure.com; greentraveller.co.uk; pebblemag.com; bbc.com; theguardian.com (Guardian Sustainable Business), positivenews.org.uk, queenofretreats.com, theladyadventurer.co.uk, CNNTravel.com


Work I've loved doing

My wanderings as a travel scribe have led me through many, many adventures (and taken me to over 60 countries). Here are just a few of the highlights:

- hiking to and over the 5,400 metre Thorung La pass in Nepal's Annapurnas (minus sherpa and guides.) 
--Exploring Namibia's Skeleton Coast and remote Kunene region
- Journeying into Pakistan's Northern Areas and North West Frontier Province (to take tea with the women of the pagan Kalash tribe)
- A 'zen' canoe trip through Botswana's remote Selinda Spillway
- Trekking through India's mysterious Living Root Bridges
-An expedition to Guatemala's lost city of El Mirador (myself & a team of nine jungle patrollers).
- A solo nature quest in the Sinai desert (minus tent)
- exploring tribal Chhattisgarh
- A solo wilderness quest and fast in the Pyrenees
- Sailing with an all-female crew in the Isle of Wight's epic Round the Island Race
-  Hiking in rural Iran
- A solo, week-long hike through Slovenia's Karst
- A 430km cycling trip through Dorset, Normandy and Brittany
- a solo cycling trip through Quebec's Laurentions
- Eagle-flying in Kyrgyzstan
--Aerobatic formation flying over UK skies
- Playing castaway on Samson Island, on the Isles of Scilly

On the inner journeys front,  I've:

- Experienced shamanic healing 
-Explored co-creation with nature 
- Discovered the joys of mindfulness in the wild
- Explored my inner genius with an ex-pop singer
-Learned about sacred activism with one of Canada's top filmmakers
- Made stone sculptures by the sea
- Tried slacklining
- Imbibed South American plant spirit medicines (Ayahuasca and San Pedro)
- Gone underground to experience a healing cave (in Austria)
- Tried parahawking, been rebirthed, tackled love addiction, trod shoeless in Britain's first barefoot park and  been a guinea pig for every complementary therapy going...  

My background

I was born in Wimbledon, in London and grew up in Montreal, Canada, to South-African born parents of Indian heritage. Despite their early struggles growing up under Apartheid rule, they were eternal optimists.  My (late) father was a child psychologist. My mum is.... the best mum ever,  garden mad and an amazing cook. Among her family are a few interesting healers. 

I received my B.A in Geography from Canada's oldest university, McGill, in Montreal (alma mater to two of my favourite Prime Ministers, Justin Trudeau and Pierre Trudeau) and my M.A. in English Literature at Avignon University in France. I also have a diploma in French Languages and Literature from Aix Marseille University and I studied Journalism at the London College of Communications. 

What excites me:

I'm fond of frittering away time in the countryside and I love coastal walks, picnics, and exploring hidden green corners in London. I'm a bookworm and a lover of independent bookshops. I'm fascinated by shamanism and indigenous healing traditions, energy medicine, and animal human communication. I enjoy being around authentic, kind, fun, pioneering people. I'm a lover of an open mind...  

Where I live now:

Following stints in Hong Kong, Provence and Tbilisi, I currently make my home in green, leafy South West London.

Random stuff:

I'm a member of the Woodland Trust and the Wildlife Trust and  I've recently rejoined the British Guild of Travel Writers. I'm a lapsed member of the Royal Geographical Society and the NUJ.