Jini Reddy

About Me


WANDERLAND, a book about my journey to connect with the magical Other in the landscape will be published by Bloomsbury Books in April 2020.  Let's just I am not a fan of the 'despiritualization of the universe'. (The words in quote marks come from a Lakota activist.) 

My first book, Wild Times on a nature and connection in Britain theme was published in 2016.  It won the book prize at the British Guild of Travel Writers Awards 2017 and was a finalist at the Travel Media Awards 2017. You'll find more on the book and press quotes here .

I've also contributed to Winter, a best-selling anthology edited by Melissa Harrison and published by Elliott and Thompson. 

I've written widely for national newspapers, consumer & specialist magazines and digital media in the UK - everyone from The Guardian to the Sunday Times Style to TIME magazine to National Geographic Traveller and more. You can read more about where my byline has appeared and examples from my portfolio, here

I've written features and travel on a variety of themes: transformative travel, ethical travel, adventure, nature, natural healing, spirituality and personal development. (As a travel scribe I've visited over 60 countries.) I've also written on the environment, ventures for social good and social change, reviewed books and profiled interesting people doing interesting things. 

Writing has been a way for me to explore, deepen, connect and follow my curiosity.  I started out in book publishing, on the editorial side,and worked as a copywriter for Penguin Books and editor and copy editor for Macmillan Publishers (the latter in Hong Kong and London).

I occasionally speak at events, including most recently as part of a panel at Kings College London, the Women's Adventure Expo in Bristol in 2018, and at the Nature Connections Festival in Derby, where I also co-judged a nature photography competition with animal rights activist and wildlife presenter Chris Packham. 

Last year I appeared on the Spring cover of South West London's women and business-focused Darling magazine with an accompanying feature on my work. 

For more about how we can work together, see here

For jobs, interviews, 'in conversation' speaking engagements, and random out-of-the-box offers (!) email me at: jini@jinireddy.co.uk

My background

I was born in Wimbledon, London and grew up in Montreal, Quebec to South-African born parents of Indian descent. Despite their early struggles under Apartheid rule, they were eternal optimists.  My (late) father was a child psychologist who earned his doctorate at London University.  My mother has some interesting healers in the family and was the glue that held our family together. 

I received my B.A in Geography from Canada's oldest university, McGill, in Montreal and my M.A. in English Literature at Avignon University in France. I also have a diploma in French Languages and Literature from Aix Marseille University and I studied Journalism at the London College of Communications. 

Where I live now:

Following stints in Hong Kong, Provence and Tbilisi, I now make my home in green, leafy South West London.

Random stuff:

I'm a member of the Woodland Trust and the Wildlife Trust and  The British Guild of Travel Writers. I'm a lapsed member of the Royal Geographical Society and the NUJ. 



Photo credit: Laura Ashman