Jini Reddy

Work with me


Want to work together? Here are a few ways we can: 


1. Book curation 

I'd love nothing more than to lovingly hand-pick a shelf for your hotel or workspace - and then organise an event to celebrate it. This could take the form of a reading, a drinks party for authors, book lovers, book critics and book bloggers, or for fans of a particular genre.  


2. The art of writing - one-to-one sessions

Want to write a book or features for publication?  Not sure how to start? Or where to focus?  Looking for tips? And support?
Or simply want to write for pleasure and struggling with writer's block? I offer hour-long sessions tailored to your needs.  


3. Helping you to spread the word about your project or venture

 I can offer guidance and tips on how to generate enthusiasm for your socially-minded, community, eco& nature, wellbeing, personal development, or travel venture across both mainstream and more niche audiences. 


Specifically I will:

·       provide fresh insights into the wider appeal of your project or work and explore ways for you to reach a fresh audience/market

-      help  you to foster connections and, if it feels appropriate, make introductions 

·       take the mystery out of the media, especially if you are press-phobic 

.       help you to come up with ideas, shape or write content for or edit your blog, website, or marketing copy

·       offer vital empathy and encouragement


4.  Helping you to curate your event, podcast or workshop 

I have a wonderful contacts list - pioneers, visionaries and downright nice people who work in the (often crossover) nature, eco, spiritual, social enterprise, personal development and travel & adventure spheres. I can suggest inspiring, personable speakers and engaging workshop providers, tailormade to your event, and facilitate introductions, helpful when dealing with busy people with overflowing email in-boxes!  


5. Curating eco and wellbeing experiences for you personally

Want to tap into more positive, eco-spiritual, 'changemaker' networks, to find wellbeing and healing activities and workshops that help you to foster your own personal development, but don't really know where to start? In consultation with you, I'll guide you towards some eye-opening, nourishing, experiences for you to explore. 


6. Eco-travel consultancy

I also offer one-to-one one-hour sessions for anyone looking for inspiration and advice on how to travel more mindfully and ethically, with responsible tour operators and small, pioneering ventures.


My rates are reasonable, and I work in a flexible, fun, collaborative way. If you'd like to know more, email me:  jini@jinireddy.co.uk