Jini Reddy

Freelance Writer

Creative Consultancy

People often ask me: how can I spread the word about my venture? How do I get the good work that I do noticed? How can I engage more people in what I do?

After all, you know that what you (or your team) offer is special, and naturally you’re eager for others to know about it too. But how do you do this? How do you reach the people you need to reach? Even if you do grab the attention of your 'target' audience, how do you then keep them  interested so that they support your project, campaign or charity, go on your retreat or workshop, buy your service, sign-up to your newsletter, stay on your website, stay connected with you on social media etc?

These are all questions I can explore with you and help you to answer. With my creative consultancy I work one-to-one to help you generate enthusiasm for your socially-minded, community, eco & nature, wellbeing or green travel venture across both mainstream and more niche audiences. It's work I love doing and it’s a natural extension of the work I’ve been doing for many years, as a journalist.

Specifically I can:

·       help you to brainstorm and explore ways for you to spread the word

·       provide fresh insights into the appeal of your project

·       offer tips on ways to use social media to promote your project, particularly if you’re loathe to enter the fray/can’t see the point of it!

·       help you to foster connections and, if it feels appropriate, make introductions

·       help you to pitch ideas to the press and take the mystery out of the media

·       help you to write and hone your marketing copy

·       help you to write content for your blog or website

·       offer support and encouragement


Why me? I've written for over 50 national print and digital media titles as well as more niche and specialist publications. (You can see the full list here). Alongside my work as a features writer, I’m also a published author, with one book under my belt and a deal for a second signed with one of the world’s leading publishers. 

I have a foot in two worlds: the mainstream and the alternative (though happily these days there is more crossover) and can appreciate the perspectives of both. Whilst I’ve written widely on travel, wellbeing and lifestyle, I’ve also contributed features on nature and eco-spirituality, ethical living, complementary therapies, healing, personal development, social enterprise, sustainability and positive change. Over the years, I've made many connections with good people doing good things across a wide spectrum, which means I can offer you a truly creative and dynamic service. 


As a consultant, I can offer flexibility in the ways we work together:

  •  via email or face-to-face, depending on the scale of the project and your budget
  • on an ad-hoc basis for individual projects, on retainer for ongoing consultancy,
  • or with one-off ‘packages’
  •  from preparing tailored responses to specific questions to attending brainstorming sessions
  •  by offering affordable rates: I work from home so I’m cost-efficient vs you employing someone from an agency


The breadth of my career and personal experiences means that I empathise with the rollercoaster ride that you may be experiencing on your own journey, particularly if you're just starting out. You can relax – I won’t judge you! My approach is friendly, supportive, and encouraging. If you’d like to know more and to find out how we can work together, do drop me a line: jini@jinireddy.co.uk 

I look forward to hearing from you.