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Virtual Reality: Recreating the Near-Death Experience
April 2019
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Summer Solstice
July 2018

It's a wonderful life
Summer 2017

Come Together 
April 2017

Dare to share - my deep dive into the sharing & gift economy
January 2015

Eat, love, laugh - food for love and bridging cultures
Psychologies magazine, May 2014
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Love in Action - compassionate activism
Psychologies magazine, October 2013


Resurgence and the Ecologist

Book Review: England: Poems from a School
March/April 2019

Book Review: Botanical Folktales
September/October 2018
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Interview with musican and activist Nitin Sawhney
March/April 2017
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London National Park City - a campaign to green the capital 
July/August 2015
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Putting a new vision together - Findhorn & the New Story Summit
March/April 2015

Book Review: Sacred Seed
May/June 2015
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Book Review: 'The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible'
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 July/August 2014

Book Review: Eloquent epistles - Letters from an Extreme Pilgrim
Sept/Oct 2010
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Guardian Sustainable Business

UK social enterprises venturing abroad and embracing cultural differences
Guardian Sustainable Busines, November 2014
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Meet the UK fashion social enterprises supporting marginalised women
Guardian Sustainable Business July 30th, 2014
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Mazi Mas, a pop-up restaurant that combines food and feminism
Guardian Sustainable Business, 2013
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What Colombia's Kogi people can teach us about the environment
Guardian Sustainable Business, 2013
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Positive News


A fashion model leading the gift economy? Impossible? 
Positive News, spring issue, 2014
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Feed your book habit for free
Positive News, 2012
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Road to Peace - Dalai Lama film review
Positive News, 2012
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Happiness is a warm loaf
 January 2011
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Put your hand up if you want to change the world

Don't trash it, rehash it
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Use your loaf to relax
From wine to water



Waterfront, Canal and River Trust, 2018
River Stort Walk 

Waterfront, Canal & River Trust, Autumn/Winter 2017
The Otter's Tale (book review)

Coast magazine, September 2012
Try it now: stone sculpting in Portland, Dorset  

Daily Telegraph (Saturday magazine), March 2011
Eco-hero: the bread evangelist

Daily Express, 2007
Warming to a bit of hard wok (cookery lesson in Hong Kong)

Waitrose Food Illustrated, February 2007
No sushi?

Financial Times magazine, 2005
Sarah Joseph: 'I became a muslim for theology, not love'

Good Housekeeping, 2005
Robyn Piccioni: couture cookie maker

Guardian, 2005
Speed-networking: gone in 180 seconds
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