Jini Reddy

Natural healing/inner journeys



On the inner journeys front, I've:

- Experienced shamanic healing 
-Explored co-creation with nature 
- Discovered the joys of mindfulness in the wild
- Explored my inner genius with an ex-pop singer
-Learned about sacred activism with one of Canada's top filmmakers
- Made stone sculptures by the sea
- Tried slacklining
- Imbibed South American plant spirit medicines (Ayahuasca and San Pedro)
- Gone underground to experience a healing cave (in Austria)
- Tried parahawking, been rebirthed, tackled love addiction, trod shoeless in Britain's first barefoot park     and been a guinea pig for every complementary therapy going... 


For sample features please see below: 


Times/ Sunday Times


The brain wave - exploring cutting-edge neurofeedback
Sunday Times Style, 27 January, 2013
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The Genius In You 
(On a workshop with Jamie Catto, Faithless singer, turned 'zany guru')
Sunday Times Style, 19 August 2012
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How it feels to change your mind about having a tattoo
Sunday Times Style, April 2012
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Sole therapy - Britain's first barefoot park
The Times (Body & Soul), August 2008

Bug off - Benedict Allen on malaria
Sunday Times (Style), 2005



Sunday & Daily Telegraph


Foraging for natural beauty on Trill Farm 
Sunday Telegraph Life, May 2014 
Read here

Mindfulness walk in Anglesey
Sunday Telegraph, December 29, 2013
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Wild Colours grow in the Cotswolds (Natural dye plant foraging) 
Daily Telegraph (Weekend), June 20th, 2015



FT magazine

On the ball
Financial Times magazine, July 2006



Seven new workouts to try
Weekend, May 2006



Spirit screen savers
The Independent on Sunday Review magazine, 2005

The enemy within
The Independent on Sunday Review magazine, 2005


Positive News

Alone in the wild - a vision quest in the Pyrenees
December 2014
Read here 

Can you trust the small, still voice within? (Findhorn Foundation & Trust)
November 2014
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Dancing from the Heart
October 2014
Read here 

A magical conversation with nature
September 2014
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Exploring the wild pharmacy 
August 2014
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What does it take to achieve the impossible?
Daring to be great with earth lawyer Polly Higgins

January 2014
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Sacred Economics 
Winter 2012
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Mail on Sunday

Spa Doc - Yoo Retreat, Cotswolds
Mail on Sunday, October 12, 2013

Escape from the gym - Slacklining 
Mail on Sunday, July 7, 2013

Art of Swimming with Steven Shaw, Champneys, Tring
Mail on Sunday, April 21, 2013

Spa Doc visits the Dead Sea, Jordan
Mail on Sunday, April 7, 2013

Radon cave therapyAustria 
Mail on Sunday, March 17th, 2013
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Sunday/Daily Express


Embark on a mystical anti-ageing 'journey'
Daily Express, September 12, 2011

My search for that certain sparkle
Daily Express, June 2009

Around the world in healthy ways
Daily Express, February 2008
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Is this diet actually a raw deal?
Daily Express, October 2007
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Natural Instincts : why deepening our relationship with nature is good for us and the world
April 2015

Where to discover the joy of dance
Psychologies Magazine, August 2014


Natural Health


Intuitive Herbalism
August 2015

Barefoot and Healthy: could earthing be the key to reconnecting to nature? 
May 2015

Anna Hunt, the Shaman in Stilettos
Natural Health, July, 2013

Back to your roots - the transformative power of nature
August 2012

Holistic health pioneers & practitioners and their heroes
July 2012

The road less travelled: the art of secular pilgrimage
June 2012

What's the Juice? An intensive fast
April 2012

Sex Magic - Managing your Sexual Energy
December 2011

Breathe Back - Rebirthing Breathwork
November 2011

Vibrational Recalibration
August 2011

Take a walk on the wild side - Ayahuasca retreat
July 2011

Talk this way - Alchemy of voice
June 2011

Feeling energetic - transforming negative energy
Natural Health May, 2011

Could it be magic? An afternoon with white witch Cassandra Eason
March 2011

The Kindness Challenge
January 2011

Love Addiction
November 2010

Goddess portraiture
September 2010

Reach your peak - awakening experiences
August 2010

Healing traditions around the globe
July 2010

Your soul contract
June 2010

Special brew: Tea and Be ceremony
May 2010

Movement medicine
March 2010

Feel the rhythm: brain wave vibration
Feb 2010

Art and soul: healing painting
January 2010

Sacred solutions - shamanic healing
Dec 2009

Nature's Larder and Medicine chest - woodland skills
Nov 2009

A goddess workshop
Oct 2009

Horsing around (equine therapy)
July 2009

Shine on - charisma feature
June 2009

Just dance - Nia therapy
May 2009

Emotional detox
April 2009

Good vibrations - sound therapy
February 2009

Feel the power - sacred Glastonbury
January 2009 

Plant life - the raw food diet
January 2008

Middle Picadilly Natural Healing Centre, Dorset
(Shamanic healing weekend)
Natural Health, February 2007

And the beat goes on: sound therapy
Natural Health, 2005



Kindred Spirit

Platinum Healing Retreat, Sussex
Summer issue/retreat guide 2018  

Shamanic Retreats
March/April 2015

Walking home - Sonia Choquette's Camino pilgrimmage
September/Oct 2014

Taoist Inner Alchemy with John P Milton,  first environmentalist on White House Staff
Summer 2014

A traditional South American cacao ceremony
Summer 2014

Sing out your truth: voicework and sacred song
Jan/Feb 2014

Vital Energy: Ayurveda
Mar/Apr 2012

Movement medicine: dance as therapy
Mar/April 2010


Queen of Retreats


Awakening the muse at a writing retreat
September 2014
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A musical massage at Bota Bota spa, Montreal 
August 2014
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Espace Nomad Eco Spa Montreal 
July 2014
Read here 

Nourishing everything on a Yoo Retreat in the Cotswolds
October 2013
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Simply Healing in Sussex
December 2012
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Hong Kong Tatler

Au naturel - organic beauty brands
Hong Kong Tatler, August 2007


Health and Fitness

This month we try Hypnotap
September 2006

This month we try yamuna body rolling
July 2006