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Work I've loved doing

My wanderings as a travel scribe have led me through many, many adventures. Highlights include:

- Hhiking to and over the 5,400 metre Thorung La pass in Nepal's Annapurnas, minus sherpa or guides. 
--Exploring Namibia's Skeleton Coast and remote Kunene region
- Journeying into Pakistan's Northern Areas and North West Frontier Province (to take tea with the women of the pagan Kalash tribe)
- Trekking through India's mysterious Living Root Bridges
-An expedition to Guatemala's lost city of El Mirador (myself & a team of nine jungle patrollers).
- A solo nature quest in the Sinai desert (minus tent)
- exploring tribal Chhattisgarh
- A solo wilderness quest and fast in the Pyrenees
- Sailing with an all-female crew in the Isle of Wight's epic Round the Island Race
- Taking tea with nomads in Iran
- A solo, week-long hike through Slovenia's Karst
- A 430km cycling trip through Dorset, Normandy and Brittany (one of the first journalists to cycle this Cross-Channel route.) 
-Eagle-flying in Kyrgyzstan 
--Aerobatic formation flying over UK skies

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Interview with Benedict Allen
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Splendid Isolation (Exmoor Bothy)
Metro, May 29th, 2018

Lionheart (South Africa Global White Lion Protection Trust and retreat)
Psychologies, May 2018
Silent is the night (bivvying in Kent)
Psychologies, Spring 2018 
Magic on ice (Borgarfjordur Eystri and the Hidden Folk) 
Psychologies, March 2018



Could London be the world's first National Park City? 
Adventure.com, October 2017
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Full-moon Meander 
Country Living, September 2017

Secret Britain: Explore a hidden world (contributor)
Guardian, June 2017



Coming home to nature: bothying on Exmoor
Psychologies magazine, December 2016

These rocks are art's greatest treasure 
BBC Travel, November 2016
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Soil and Soul
Guardian, October 2016
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Savage Beauty: exploring Namibia
Journeys magazine, Spring 2016

Why I'll stay on the rails
Metro, April, 2016


A healing haven from the bustle
Metro, November 16 2015

Quebec's Monastere des Augustines
The Guardian, November 14, 2015
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Travelling within
Metro, September, 2015

Ask, believe, receive - a journey to Namibia
Psychologies magazine, August 2015

Homeward bound, to Montreal
Psychologies magazine, May 2015

Why I'm barefoot in the Brecon Beacons while it's snowing
Metro, February 2015

Seeking solitude (part of Go Slow feature)
Guardian Travel, January 2015
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The bare essentials - a solo wilderness quest in the Pyrenees
Metro UK, 22 September, 2014

Slow food and solo hiking in Slovenia
Easyjet Traveller magazine, July 2014

Hiking wild, windswept Connemara
The Independent, April 2014
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Love Desh, new Bangladesh grassroots venture 
Conde Nast Traveller, April 2014

Mindful Trekking
Kindred Spirit magazine


Savour nature and quiet the mind: wild walk and mindfulness in Anglesey
Sunday Telegraph, December 29th, 2013
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Paddle it: canoeing Botswana's Selinda Spillway
Adventure Travel Magazine, Sept/Oct 2013

Channel your inner tourist - cycling the Petit Tour de Manche through Dorset, Normandy&Brittany
The Independent, September 7, 2013
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Take flight - parahawking :the thrill of a bird's eye view 
Sunday Telegraph, August 11, 2013
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Bohuslan coast: Swedish kayaking paradise
CNNTravel.com, August 2013
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Finding peace the wild way - mindfulness&wild camping, Wales
Positive News, August 2013
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Golden past of the Blue City - Jodhpur, Rajasthan
Sunday Express, July 2013

Aldeburgh, Suffolk (coast) & Benjamin Britten
Sunday Express, May 2013
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Wimbledon without Tennis
CNNTravel.com, June 2013
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In the footsteps of ladyadventurer Catherine Amy Dawson Scott&
Constantine Bay, Cornwall

www.ladyadventurer.co.uk, May 2013
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World's best kept secrets (India)
TIME magazine, March 2013
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Ten of the last great wildernesses
CNNTravel.com March 2013
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Biking with a Bedouin, Jordan
ladyadventurer.co.uk, January 2013
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10 Calming Wellness Retreats
CNNTravel.com, January 2013
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Setting sail - Round the Island Race
National Geographic Traveller, October 2012
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The loneliness of the solo ocean racer - Vendee Globe
CNNTravel.com, October 2012
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Cycing La Route Verte, Canada
The Independent, Sept 2012
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Mecca for Mariners - Cowes Week
Quintessentially Insider
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Find true paradise on the Isles of Scilly
Daily Express, July 2012
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The beautiful game - Botswana
Square Meal, summer 2012

Rock the boat in Botswana: canoe trip on the Selinda Spillway
Sunday Express, July 2012
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Saints and singers: Pakistan's Punjab province
The Guardian, May 2012
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Wimbledon's Cannizaro House
Quintessentially Insider, May 2012
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Friends in foreign places - Tripbod.com
Positive News Spring 2012
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Cycling with Tripbod in North Yorkshire
www.theladyadventurer.co.uk, April 2012
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World's best eco lodges
CNNTravel.com, March 2012
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How to disappear for a year
CNNTravel.com, March 2012
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How to be an explorer
CNNTravel.com, March 2012
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Britain's Happiest Places
MSN Travel, February 2012
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World's ten toughest endurance challenges
CNNTravel.com January, 2012
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Three Hours in Montreal
TIME, Nov 3, 2011
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Hitting the African trail (Overland to S.A., Swaziland & Mozambique)
Daily Express, November 2011
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Free Spirit - Sri Lanka
National Geographic Traveller Nov/Dec 2011
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Harewood House, Yorkshire
Sunday Express, September 2011
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Plain sailing at Cowes
Sunday Express, 17thJuly 2011
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Ten trips to save your soul: alternative vacations
CNNTravel.com, July 2011
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A solo fast in Egypt's Sinai Desert
National Geographic Traveller, July/August 2011
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Britain's beauty spots
MSN Travel, June 2011
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Karimabad: Pakistan's Shangri-La
ladyadventurer.co.uk, May 2011
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When taboo is not taboo
CNNTravel.com, April 2011
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Fortune poetry, Shiraz, Iran
ladyadventurer.co.uk, April 2011
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Kalasha: the happiest people in Pakistan?
CNNTravel.com, March 2011
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Tuscany at a Trot
The National, March 2011
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Wouldn't you rather be...having your fortune told in Shiraz, Iran?
Gulf Life (Gulf Air inflight magazine), Jan 2011

Oman's new trio of hotels
TIME, January 2011



Exploring the real Pakistan
Time Out magazine, November 2010
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Solitude in the Sinai - three-night desert fast
Psychologies, November 2010

Five reasons to visit the Isle of Wight
TIME, September 2010
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Riding high in Tuscany - equestrian break
Daily Express, July 2010
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Food foraging by sea kayak, Cornwall
FT magazine, July 2010

Wild at heart: Fordoun Spa, South Africa
Natural Health, July 2010

Cherrapunji, India: rooted in the land
The National, July 2010
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Rolling up your sleeves with the Bedouin
TIME, May 2010
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Wonders of the lost world - Newfoundland
The Daily Express, May 2010

Ten sensual holidays
MSN Travel - April 2010
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Wild by nature: a slice of Newfoundland's beauty
The National, April 2010
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Fordoun: a nice FIFA detour (South Africa)
Money market, February 2010

The root masters of India: Cherrapunjee's living root bridges
The Independent, January 2010
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Lyrical liaisons - rural Iran
South China Morning Post, December 2009

Love triangle - post-war Sri Lanka
South China Morning Post, November 2009

Five reasons to visit Newfoundland
TIME, October 2009
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Feeling your way - the art of natural navigation
BA High Life, October 2009

On the road in rural Iran
The Guardian, September 2009
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The lost art of natural navigation
Natural Health, September 2009

Take a break at Lake Atitlan
TIME, August 2009
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Lost city of the Maya - El Mirador
Wanderlust, Aug/Sept 2009
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Exploring Guatemala's El Mirador
The National, UAE, August 2009
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Jungle Gym: Maya Ruins                                                                                                
TIME, April 2009                                                                                                              
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Middle Eastern promise - Iran                                                                                      
Marie Claire, March 2009 

Iranian Revelation                                                                                                
Destinasian, Feb/March 2009

Shanti Ananda, Mauritius                                                                                              
Natural Health, February 2009

On new ground - Iran                                                                                                      
Hong Kong Tatler, January 2009



Mumbai destination guide
Mail Online, December 2008
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Take to the Sri Lankan hills                                                                                         
TIME, December 2008                                                                                                       
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Iran: on the trail of saints, nomads and assassins                                                             
The National, UAE, November 2008 

A simple abode: the Knuckles mountains                                                           
Geographical, November 2008
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Iran's golden city - Isfahan
TIME, September 2008
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Taking the track to enlightenment, Sri Lanka
Sunday Express, August 2008
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Pedestrian but far from boring: Urban Gentry London walking tours
TIME, August 2008
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Australia: glimpses of the past
TIME, April 2008
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Historically hip - Cartagena hotels
TIME, March 2008
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Life's little luxuries - Valsabbion, Croatia
TIME, February 2008
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Mumbai street cred
Sunday Express, February 2008
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State of anticipation - Chhattisgarh, India
The Financial Times - How To Spend It, January 2008

Mumbai Jumbo
Square Mile magazine, January 2008



A little slice of India, Southall
The Guardian, October 2007
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Tanjong Jara, Malaysia
Square Mile magazine, October 2007

Malaysia fantasia
Spirit and Destiny, October 2007

Cape York Turtle Rescue and Queensland
Aboriginal culture
The Independent, September 2007
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Island wildlife - Cres Island, Croatia
BBC Wildlife, September 2007

Clubbing it in Colombia - Andres Carne de Res
TIME, August 2007
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Colombia's new dawn
The Financial Times - How To Spend It, July 2007

The mythical island paradise off Croatia
thelondonpaper, July 2007

Time for Chi (Hong Kong)
Spirit and Destiny, July 2007

El Dorado Found (Bogota, Colombia)
TIME, May 2007
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Ten reasons to visit Nova Scotia
TImes Online, April 2007

Mumbai Destination Guide
travelmail.co.uk, April 2007
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Rajasthani rains
Square Mile magazine, April 2007

It's cool up north - SoFo, Stockholm
TIME, Feb 2007
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Experience the culture of Kowloon (Hong Kong)
Sunday Express, February 2007
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Detox, Donegal Style
The Sunday Telegraph, February 2007
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Montreal Deal
REAL, December 2006

Stockholm City Guide
Scotland on Sunday, November 2006

Opulence and ancient ritual in the Yucatan
Sunday Express, October 2006

Head for a brave new world (Nova Scotia)
Scotland on Sunday, October 2006

Montreal City Guide
Scotland on Sunday, October 2006

High as a kite: flying with the Blades
The Spectator, September 2006

Fantasy Island, Dominica
The South China Morning Post, September 2006

Fabulous in the fall
NOW, September 2006

Soak up the high life in style (St. Moritz)
Times Online, August 2006

Jewel of the Windward Isles
NOW, August 2006

Season's Greetings (Switzerland)
Scotland on Sunday, August 2006

Wandering round Wimbledon
travelmail.co.uk, June 2006
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A single to Centre Parcs
The Guardian, June 2006
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Dominica: in the lost world
The Independent, June 2006

Bombay Mix
Psychologies, April 2006

Luscious Linz
REAL, April 2006

May contain glutton (Abruzzo)
Scotland on Sunday, April 2006

Cruise control (Norway)
REAL, February 2006

Heaven on earth (The Silk Road)
The South China Morning Post, January 2006



Kyrgyzstan: land of the high plains drifter
The Independent on Sunday, December 2005

The lights, the lights, the northern lights
Times Online, December 2005

Where eagles dare to prey (Kyrgyzstan)
The Daily Telegraph, November 2005

Japan: a bite of the action
Harpers and Queen, November 2005

A room of her own
Times Online, February 2005